Our Projects
  1. Hedges needing help
    Hedges needing help
    We took on this property that needed some real help especially these hedges so the is the before
  2. Land Reclamation
    Land Reclamation
    this is a property we were asked to reclaim so we came in and did just that. several pictures will show what it looked like
  3. Hedges after
    Hedges after
    these hedges are now more manageable and look a lot better. we now maintain these and they are healthy again
  4. One of Our Customers
    One of Our Customers
    This is what you can expect from weekly mowing/mulching. yes We mulch your lawn. It is much better for your lawn and by mulching it is more even distribution of the clippings then side discharging.
  5. Land Reclamation 2
    Land Reclamation 2
    Same Property as before just at back of house
  6. Land reclamation 3
    Land reclamation 3
    removing the over growth to open the property for grass growth we have this side down now we have to clean it up
  7. Land Reclamation 4
    Land Reclamation 4
    So here you can barely see the deck just wait to see what has been done
  8. Land Reclamation 5
    Land Reclamation 5
    here is the back yard as we are reclaiming
  9. Land Reclamation 6
    Land Reclamation 6
    So as you can see we are now ready for grass growth
  10. Mowing Example
    Mowing Example
    This is another example of our work
  11. Mowing Example
    Mowing Example
    as you can see pride in our work
  12. Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
    We sent one of our snow blowers to this site and this was while it was still snowing. but we have you covered with snow also
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